Friday, April 30, 2010

Let the punishment fit the crime.....

So today Michael decides to take it upon himself to cut his own hair.... (what kid doesn't do this at some point in their life?) anyway, he was told the last time he did this that it wasn't ok, he wasn't to do it ever again.... did he listen???
Apparently not..... note the bald spot on top.... then the shorter hair to the right..... yeah there is more that you cant really tell from the picture....

So I told him that his punishment had to be getting his hair buzzed off. (he didn't know that we had to do it anyway to fix the mess.... but thats ok) He wasn't happy about it at all. He cried and cried saying he didn't want to be bald. I couldn't help but snicker a little.... but this will be a lesson learned.

Fast forward a few hours when Daddy gets home. We get out the buzzer and Mike FREAKS out. 

There's tears,

...lots of drama because Mikey doesn't want to be bald. It takes daddy holding him while mommy buzzes... and he moves around so much that hair gets ALL over him. He was covered head to toe in hair.  What a perfect punishment. It doesn't hurt him, but he will definitely think twice before he cuts his hair again..... (but a part of me deep down inside will miss his shaggy longish hair....*sigh*)

 In the end, he was a hairy mess from head to toe. Not a happy camper.... and there is still a bald spot on top there.... but this will have to do.

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  1. I can't help but laugh as I read this! Poor little guy didn't want to be bald! It probably will make him think twice again in the future! I know when my daughter gets older all utensils that can be used for chopping hair will be locked away!