Friday, April 30, 2010

Let the punishment fit the crime.....

So today Michael decides to take it upon himself to cut his own hair.... (what kid doesn't do this at some point in their life?) anyway, he was told the last time he did this that it wasn't ok, he wasn't to do it ever again.... did he listen???
Apparently not..... note the bald spot on top.... then the shorter hair to the right..... yeah there is more that you cant really tell from the picture....

So I told him that his punishment had to be getting his hair buzzed off. (he didn't know that we had to do it anyway to fix the mess.... but thats ok) He wasn't happy about it at all. He cried and cried saying he didn't want to be bald. I couldn't help but snicker a little.... but this will be a lesson learned.

Fast forward a few hours when Daddy gets home. We get out the buzzer and Mike FREAKS out. 

There's tears,

...lots of drama because Mikey doesn't want to be bald. It takes daddy holding him while mommy buzzes... and he moves around so much that hair gets ALL over him. He was covered head to toe in hair.  What a perfect punishment. It doesn't hurt him, but he will definitely think twice before he cuts his hair again..... (but a part of me deep down inside will miss his shaggy longish hair....*sigh*)

 In the end, he was a hairy mess from head to toe. Not a happy camper.... and there is still a bald spot on top there.... but this will have to do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Been awhile.... fantastic update though!

In less then 24 hours, I made the decision to go ahead and open my Hyena Cart shop and start selling custom Pocket diapers. In that time, I have sold 10 diapers.... 10!!! It's amazing. My prices are still low, or so I've been told. I may up the price after my opening month (Possibly June 1st I will raise the prices)... but I hope that my customers will be repeats! This is so exciting and I'm very happy about the progress from this so far. 

My One Size *fits most* Pocket diapers
Click on my Logo to go to my HC store

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cutie with a Lobster Booty

I just had to show off this diaper. I made it for someone else who ordered it, but I messed up on the elastic and the top stitching and I'm not giving that to someone who bought it.... so Anna inherited it. I think it looks adorable on her, I'm quite proud of it, even though it's an "oops" diaper.  And she is just so darn cute that she can totally pull off a cute "boyish" diaper.

Anna in her Licorice Lane Lobster Diaper made by mama

And here's a diaper I completed for someone who purchased a tester from me. It's super cute, I hope she likes it as much as I do. 

I have more diapers almost finished (just need to complete the soakers) and then 4 more diapers to make.... can I just freeze time for a little bit so I can get these done???


........and my daughter has me awake. She has decided that she doesn't want to sleep, or even lay by herself.... she just wants mommy to hold her. So here I am, holding a swaddled A, and typing while half asleep. *sigh* .....

Well, mommy blogging must be boring because she fell asleep while I typed this.... back to bed with me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's only the middle of the week...

Today, we had a non-productive day. I tried doing more laundry, got two loads washed and one load dried. I tried doing dishes..... that didn't happen. Then the living room was next on my list.... nope. At 9am I realized that A was out of jar food, so I needed to make a "quick" run to target.... just for baby food..... 1.5 hours and $77 later, we left target with baby food... and some extra. This is why I don't like going to target.... I always leave broke. At least the only thing that I bought that I didn't need was only $6.00. So we get home, and I'm putting together a baby gift for an upcoming shower... and my cat... my dear, sweet, loving, cat.... pees right on a plastic bag right in front of me. She NEVER does that. She is the best cat ever. After talking to the hubs and to my mom, we think that maybe she has a UTI. I hope not, poor thing, but I swear if it's not the children, its the cat. *sigh* So after that, nothing too exciting happens. I run a couple more errands, and pick up hubs... and come home to cook up some yummy meatloaf which we shared with my mom and brother. All in all, our Wednesday wasn't too bad. Tomorrow I will be watching 2 other kiddos for about an hour. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. The cool thing is hubs is taking the day off tomorrow so I can get a little bit of rest in the afternoon....and hopefully get some sewing done and photos edited. Until next time....

Tuesday night....

Yesterday didn't end soon enough. Iven got home, and I ran to the fabric store... by myself.... and I took my time. It was a nice break, because as soon as I walked back in the door, chaos was still happening. M runs right up to me, and whines that he is hungry, I look at his father with a questioning look..... which was responded with "well he ate dinner.... all of it". M likes to pull this 'I'm hungry' bit when it's bedtime. So when both dad and I told him that its bedtime and no food, the tantrums began. He wouldn't stay in bed, and he was thirsty and hungry.... oh boy... it took putting M in bed with daddy to get things calm and he finally fell asleep. (BTW incase anyone reading is wondering, we do co-sleep at times. Not so much A, but her crib is in our room. But M co-slept for 3 years and we finally started getting him to sleep in his room now at 4.... but sometimes he needs to still be with us. We don't care, so you shouldn't either) Back to the story... he was finally asleep, A was asleep and had been since 7:30 (it was now 9:30pm) and daddy had fallen asleep. All was quiet, and when it's quiet, its my only time to get things done. I have 8 diapers I need to make. I can usually knock one out in an hour so I figured I could get one done... wrong. I prewashed all of my fabric, and it decided it was gonna give me hell. I struggled and struggled with one diaper... and it got so messed up... that I just gave up. A was starting to make noise telling me she wanted to nurse. The time was now midnight, so I changed A's diaper... the only clean one I had had to be pinned... she kept squirming which caused me to poke about 4 different fingers trying to avoid poking her (I hate pins, I really need to put snaps on that diaper) and then fed her. She eventually fell asleep, and I looked over at both my beauties sleeping in between myself and my husband.... and I thanked God for them. Through all the daily chaos I deal with being a mom... at the end of the day, I'm truly thankful.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3:00 pm.... Ice Cream, kisses, and poop

So a mid afternoon entry here.... and our day just keeps getting better and better. Little A takes a BEAUTIFUL long nap.... 2 hours worth.

M ... for the most part... entertained himself. Watched a little scooby doo dressed as scooby doo (and of course needed a little snack)

This let me get a few things done...



More laundry:

Then miss A wakes up.... of course needing a diaper change.
I do the same routine every diaper change, I take her dirty diaper off, drop it next to me on the floor until I can take it to the laundry room, and put the clean one on her. She likes to roll and grab for things when I'm changing her so its better that I put it on the floor out of her reach. Well somehow M, who likes to be right in your business no matter what you are doing, managed to step in A's dirty diaper, then proceeded to walk away...trailing the poop along with him. *sigh* And of course, I need to clean that up, A needs to eat, and M is all of a sudden hungry.
Fast forward about 30 minutes later... after cleaning up and feeding A.
In the kitchen with M.. .and this is the conversation:
Mommy: What are you hungry for?
M: Ice Cream
Mommy: that's dessert, you can have dinosaur chicken nuggets though
M: no mommy, please ice cream, I'll give you a kiss if I can have ice cream
Mommy: No ice cream for lunch, after lunch, you can have an ice cream for dessert
M: But mommy, don't you want a kiss? I'll give you one if you give me an Ice Cream (Mommy then gives in to the puppy dog eyes and the promise of a kiss and also because mommy doesn't have time to argue)
M: Thanks mom!!!
(walks away.... without doing good on his promise)
The joys of motherhood.....